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Stefan Reich

PhD Student
stefan reichLmq1βˆ‚kit edu

Stefan Reich

Current positions:
PhD Student
Field of research:
  • pulsed laser ablation in liquids
  • x-ray dark field imaging
  • compound refractive x-ray lenses
Scientific Publications:

Reich S, Schönfeld P, Letzel A, Kohsakowski S, Olbinado M, Gökce B et al. Fluence threshold behavior on ablation and bubble formation in pulsed laser ablation in liquids. ChemPhysChem 2016; : 1–8.



Reich S, Schönfeld P, Wagener P, Letzel A, Ibrahimkutty S, Gökce B et al. Pulsed laser ablation in liquids: Impact of the bubble dynamics on particle formation. J Colloid Interface Sci 2016; 4: 6967.



Gärtner S, Reich S, Bruns M, Czolk J, Colsmann A. Organic solar cells with graded absorber layers processed from nanoparticle dispersions. Nanoscale 2016; 8: 6721–6727.