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Tomáš Faragó

phone: +49 721 608 22164
tomas faragoUfy0∂kit edu

Tomáš Faragó

Current positions:
Previous positions:
PhD student
Field of research:
3D image reconstruction, image analysis, experiment automation, X-ray imaging simulation
Annual Reports and Annual Highlights (co-editor):
Contributions to ANKA annual reports since 2011
Scientific Publications:

[1] Tomas Farago, Petr Mikulik, Alexey Ershov, Matthias Vogelgesang, Daniel Hnschke, and Tilo Baumbach. Syris : A flexible and efficient framework for x-ray imaging experiments simulation. Journal of synchrotron radiation, 24(6):1283–1295, 2017.

[2] Sergey Gasilov, Tomy Dos Santos Rolo, Alberto Mittone, Sergey Polyakov, Sergey Terentyev, Tomas Farago, Vladimir Blank, Alberto Bravin, and Tilo Baumbach. Generalized pupil function of a compound x-ray refractive lens. Optics express, 25(21):25090–25097, 2017.

[3] Thomas Koenig, Marcus Zuber, Barbara Trimborn, Tomas Farago, Pascal J. Meyer, Danays Kunka, Frederic W. Albrecht, Sascha Kreuer, Thomas Volk, Michael Fiederle, and Tilo Baumbach. On the origin and nature of the grating interferometric dark-field contrast obtained with low-brilliance x-ray sources. Physics in medicine and biology, 61(9):3427–3442, 2016. 56.03.20; LK 01.

[4] U. Stevanovic, M. Caselle, A. Cecilia, S. Chilingaryan, T. Farago, S. Gasilov, A. Herth, A. Kopmann, M. Vogelgesang, M. Balzer, T. Baumbach, and M. Weber. A control system and streaming daq platform with image-based trigger for x-ray imaging. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 62:911–918, 2015. 54.02.02; LK 01.

[5] M. Vogelgesang, T. Farago, T. F. Morgeneyer, L. Helfen, T. Dos Santos Rolo, A. Myagotin, and T. Baumbach. Real-time image-content-based beam-line control for smart 4d x-ray imaging. Journal of synchrotron radiation, 23:1254–1263, 2016. 54.02.02; LK 01.

[6] M. Vogelgesang, A. Kopmann, T. Farago, T. dos Santos Rolo, and T. Baumbach. When hardware and software work in concert. In 14th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems, San Francisco, Calif., October 6-11, 2013 Proceedings Publ.Online Paper, TUPPCO44, 2013. 51.54.01; LK 02.