Institute for Photon Science and Synchrotron Radiation

X-ray Imaging & X-ray Diffraction Imaging

Real-time study of dynamic processes in biological and materials sciences

X-ray imaging research at IPS encompasses technological, methodological, and experimental aspects of 2D, 3D and 4D mapping of material and biological structures from macroscopic to sub-microscopic length scales. A particular emphasis of research activities is the development of fast, time-resolved methods, which allow dynamic processes such as cell growth or materials processing to be investigated. 

The main research activities at IPS cover:

•    X-ray optics, X-ray Detectors
•    Hard X-ray Microscopy
•    3D imaging
•    Biomimetics
•    Spectroscopic Imaging, Phase Imaging, Diffraction Imaging
•    Algorithms and Computational Approaches

and their application in the fields of life sciences & materials research:

•    4D imaging of living organisms, hierarchical and correlated imaging of organisms, tissues, cells and structures,
      morphological dynamics, mutation etc.
•    in-situ & in-operando characterisation of materials for electronics and energy storage, light-weight high-
     performance materials, microsystems devices, multi-phase fluidics