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Heidelberg Karlsruhe Research Partnership HEiKA

The “Heidelberg-Karlsruhe Research Partnership” (HEiKA) was established as a scientific institution intended to raise the long-standing cooperation between Heidelberg University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to a higher qualitative and quantitative level. Within HEiKA both partners bundle their competences in specific research areas, so-called Research Bridges, in order to promote synergy in research and infrastructure.


Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU)

Cooperation with the Tomsk Polytechnic University is within the mission of the Ioffe-Röntgen-Institute , which serves as a strategic platform both to intensify Russian-German research cooperation, particularly using large-scale infrastructures, and to install and improve tools and instruments for joint projects and initiatives. Central fields of mutual interest are accelerator- based photon science, research with neutrons, hadron- and heavy-ion physics, nano-, bio-, and materials for energy as well as large-scale data management.


University of Nevada (UNLV)

Cooperation with the University of Nevada Las Vegas is primary with the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry in the field of Electronic and Chemical Properties of Surfaces and Interfaces.


Advanced Light Source (ALS)


European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF)


National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" (NRCKI)


State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe (SMNK)


State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


Darmstadt University of Technology


Heidelberg University


MINES ParisTech


University of Freiburg


University of Siegen


University of Erlangen-Nuremberg


and many others...