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Dr.-Ing. Jan-Thorsten Reszat

Project management and controlling
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Administration Team

Dr.-Ing. Jan-Thorsten Reszat


Current positions:
IPS Services, Project management and controlling
Previous positions:
  • Product Development Piezo Technology, EPCOS OHG, Deutschlandsberg, Austria
  • PostDoc at Institute for Material Research II, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
  • PhD Student at Institute for Ceramics for Mechanical Engineering, University Karlsruhe
  • Scientist at Institute for Technical Mineralogy, University of Saarland
  • Graduating student at Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (FhG-IZFP), Saarbrücken
Field of research:
  • Project coordination in the field of X-ray imaging.
Contributions to Monographs:
Hoffmann, M.J., Kungl, H., Reszat, J.-T., Wagner, S., “Characterization of PZT-Ceramics by High-Resolution X-Ray Analysis”, Polar Oxides: Properties, Characterization and Imaging, 137-150 (2005)
Scientific Publications:

Schwaiger, R., Reszat, J.-T., Bade, K., Aktaa, J., Kraft, O., “A combined microtensile testing and nanoindentation study of the mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline LIGA Ni-Fe”, Int. J. of Mat. Res. 100(1), 68-75 (2009)

Aktaa, J., Reszat, J.-T., Walter, M., Bade, K., Hemker, K.J., “High cycle fatigue and fracture behavior of LIGA Nickel“, Scripta Materialia. 52(12), 1217-1221 (2005)

Glazounov, A.E., Kungl, H., Reszat, J.-T., Hoffmann, M.J., Kolleck, A., Schneider, G.A., Wroblewski, T., "Contribution from Ferroelastic Domain Switching Detected Using X-ray Diffraction to R-Curves in Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramics", J. Amer. Ceram. Soc. 84(3-12), 2921-2929 (2001)

Reszat, J.-T., Glazounov, A.E., Hoffmann, M.J., "Analysis of intrinsic lattice deformation in PZT-ceramics of different compositions", J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 21(10-11), 1349-1352 (2001)

Glazounov, A.E., Fett, T., Reszat, J.-T., Hoffmann, M.J., Munz, D., Wroblewski, T., "Influence of domain switching state on R-curves interpreted by using X-ray diffraction study", J. Mat. Sci. Lett. 20(9), 877-880 (2001)

Kalyanasundaram, P., Reszat, J., Paul, M., "Absorption measurements on creep damaged samples using the reverberation technique", Materials Science Forum 210-213 (PART 1), 243-250 (1996)