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Research Areas

Applied Materials

Materials and Processes for Energy and Transport Technologies

Thin-film solar cells, batteries, catalytic materials, printable electronics, (organic) light emitting diodes, cementitious materials, materials for electrochemistry

Multiphase Fluids, Semi-Solid Alloys, Foams, Injection Processes, Damage and Strain in Flat Light-Weight Devices, Batteries

Nanostructures, Materials and Devices for Information Technologies

Nanoscience and Materials for Information Technologies
Thin film and Nanostructure Growth Technologies, AIII-BV Photonic Devices, Rare Earth Films, Microelectronic Materials, Wafers, Interconnects, Devices, Microsystems


Biological Processes
Life Science Imaging

Biofilms, Tissue Engineering, Development Biology, Genetics, Zoology, Bionics