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Life Science Imaging

  • X-ray imaging, UV-CD, and BIO-Lab, and access to the European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC) at KIT
  • 4D in vivo imaging of organisms, hierarchical and correlated imaging of organisms, tissues, cells and scaffolds -> Phenotype atlases for genetics, biofilms, nanotoxicology, tissue engineering, zoology (insects)


Developmental biology

  • correlation between gene activity and morphogenesis
  • 3D phenotype atlases


Zoomorphology and biomimetics

  • analysis of animal form and function and application to biomimetic research
  • in vivo imaging of biological processes, e.g. morphodynamics in arthropods
  • combination of molecular and morphological data for joint databases
  • fast 3D digitization of large sample collections (e.g. of museum specimens)


Biofilms and tissue engineering

  • scaffold-induced proliferation
  • biocompatibility