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Imaging group

Imaging group at ANKA is developing instrumentation and components, methods and techniques for X-ray imaging.

In its main competence, the group is developing full-field methods for:

  • projection imaging
  • microscopy and
  • 3D tomographic imaging based on absorption, phase, and
    Bragg/Laue diffraction contrast.

Imaging Group

Synchrotron imaging methods with spatial resolution in the micrometer and nanometer range are increasingly relevant for material research and diagnostics in engineering sciences, micro system- and nanotechnologies, for structural imaging in nanobiology and life sciences, for non-destructive testing of components and devices, for paleontology, cultural heritage, and other fields These methods allow closing the gap between conventional
2D and 3D imaging performed with techniques based on X-ray table-top sources and electron microscopy methods, i.e., the gap  in spatial resolution between about 10 μm and several ten nanometers. X-ray imaging techniques are largely non-destructive and allow using and combining various contrast mechanisms (absorption, X-ray fluorescence, Fresnel and Bragg diffraction, dichroism, etc.) to image geometrical, chemical, and crystallographic structures of samples.