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CT Lab

The CT lab is intended to establish a transfer of methods developed at synchrotrons to more readily available laboratory setups.


  • Hard X-ray grating interferometry (IMT, IPS)
  • Photon counting & spectroscopic imaging detectors (BIRD)
  • Laminography (ANKA + ESRF)
  • Various kinds of X-ray optics (IMT, IPS)


  • Biology & life sciences
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Materials science
  • Cultural heritage


Key Features of the CT Lab

  • Hard X-ray grating interferometry
    • Differential phase contrast
    • Scattering contrast
    • Absorption contrast
  • Photon counting & spectroscopic imaging detectors:
    • Multi-energy CT
    • Material discrimination
  • Laminography:
    • Investigation of thin and extended objects
  • Photon counting & spectroscopic imaging detectors:
    • Wide range of applications
    • Determine key features for more dedicated setups


Based on an X-ray tube, our setup provides imaging capabilities complementary to those available at the IPS beam lines:.

  • Study of large objects (80 x 190 cm2 field of view, up to 50 kg of payload)
  • Divergent beam, enabeling the magnification of small objects (≈ 400x), by using focal spot sizes of less than 1 µm
  • Hard X-rays (maximum of 225 keV)