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Prof. Dr. Tilo Baumbach

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Prof. Dr. Clemens Heske

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Margit Helma

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Welcome to the Institute for Photon Science and Synchrotron Radiation

The IPS conducts research for and with novel synchrotron analytics and diagnostics (X-ray imaging, spectroscopy, and scattering). Particular focus is placed on in situ, operando, and in vivo techniques for the characterization of technological and biological processes, with emphasis on materials and processes for energy conversion and transport technologies, nano- and information materials, and imaging in the life sciences.



News / Publications / Highlights

Nanoparticle synthesis in a bubble

Nanoparticles produced by pulsed laser ablation in liquid (PLAL) largely develop in a cavitation bubble. Further insight in the hierarchical interactions is obtained.

May 2019


Understanding atomic vibrations at interfaces

Propagating lattice vibrations, known as phonons, are responsible for the transmission of sound and heat in solids. In addition, by coupling to electrons and magnons they influence remarkably many materials properties. Due to the broken translational symmetry, the atomic vibrations at interfaces are drastically modified compared to their bulk counterparts.

September 2018

X-ray imaging reveals parasitic wasps in fossil fly pupae


Using high-throughput synchrotron X-ray microtomography at the UFO fast imaging station at the KIT synchrotron we have examined a large number of phosphatized fly pupae from the Paleogene geological time-period (66 – 23 Mya) in France in search for parasitic wasps. From our data we could identify 55 parasitation events by four wasp species, providing morphological and ecological data.

August 2018

Correlation of phase composition, chemical composition and microstructure in crystalline chromium aluminium nitride hard coatings

Magnetron-sputtered CrAlN coatings are widely used for industrial hard-coating applications. They have a high temperature stability, wear resistance and hardness.


June 2018

reconstructed phase
Realisation of X-ray Shack-Hartmann Sensors

Multi-contrast imaging in the X-ray range has been realized by 2D lens arrays for fast single-shot diagnostics.

May 2018


A New Crystal Experience

A new, very generally applicable imaging approach provides not only three-dimensional information about complex arrangements of dislocations inside monocrystals, but also allows us to investigate precisely the behavior and role of all the individual defects during plastic deformation process.

November 2017