Publication in the Journal of Crystal Growth

  • Date: 2013

Journal of Crystal Growth

High resolution synchrotron X-ray studies of phase separation phenomena and the scaling law for the threading dislocation densitiesreduction in high quality AlGaN heterostructureAutoren: S. S. Lazarev, S. Bauer, K. Forghani, M. Barchuk, F. Scholz, T. Baumbach

High resolution X-ray coplanar (symmetric X-ray diffraction (SXRD) and asymmetric X-ray diffraction (ASXRD)) and non-coplanar diffraction (grazing incidence diffraction (GID)) have been used to investigate the quality of AlGaN epilayers with 20% Al content, grown on sapphire using SiNx interlayers. The measurement of reciprocal space maps (RSM) with higher orders of reflections of
SXRD and ASXRD which is readily performed at the synchrotron with high resolution and intensityreveals the presence of several diffraction peaks originating from the occurrence of local differences in the lattice constants. Two distinguishable AlGaN phases having different crystalline parameters were clearly recognized from X-ray data and the corresponding densities of screw dislocations have been determined measured as function of the overgrowth thickness varying from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm. The variation of the screw and edge type dislocation densities with the overgrowth thickness has been found to follow the scaling law h