Klaus Tschira Award for Dr. Thomas König

  • Date: 2012

ANKA scientist awarded with prize for comprehensible science

On October 11 the Klaus Tschira Foundation awarded the ANKA-scientist Thomas König (PhD) with the KlarText!-prize for comprehensible science. In the new assembly hall of the Rubrecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, benefactor Klaus Tschira decorated five young scientists from the science disciplines biology, chemistry, information technologies, mathematics and physics with the renowned award for science communications. Along with the award for physics, ANKA member Thomas König received an endowment of 5000 Euro and the opportunity to win further grants in the area of science communications. 

The KlarText!-prize is awarded to scientists who not only delivered outstanding dissertations in 2011, but also distinguished themselves through presenting their complicated and detailed scientific findings in an exciting and comprehensible manner. With the award, the Klaus Tschira foundation intends to make highly complex scientific topics accessible to the public. All awarded articles will therefore be published in a special supplement of the November issue of the bild der wissenschaft journal.

In his winning article „Röntgen – aber bitte in Farbe“  (“X-ray images, let’s add some color”) Thomas König describes the basic principles and opportunities of colored X-ray images. He comprehensively explains the physical preconditions for a spectrally resolved imaging of high-energy X-radiation. Moreover, he elaborately depicts the opportunities spectroscopic X-ray imaging promises for further scientific research. For example, the new methods allow determining the distinct material composition of objects investigated in computed tomography. The members of the awarding jury also praised the transparent display of the research process from the initial motivation followed by the analysis and solution of research-related problems leading to the final determination of the scientific results. All these findings and experiences will now be incorporated into the development of the new Computed Tomography Laboratory at ANKA, the conduction of which has now been Thomas König's responsibility since September 2012.

The original scientific article stating the details of the project can already be found here. Thomas König's winning article is now available for download here. For further information on the Klaus Tschira Prize KlarText! and the foundation please visit www.klaus-tschira-preis.info.