Institute for Photon Science and Synchrotron Radiation

Dr. Angelica Cecilia

Dr. Angelica Cecilia

Current position:

  • Deputy Head of Department Imaging Cluster (IPS)
  • Beamline Scientist of IMAGE beamline at IPS
  • Project responsible “Imaging Optics Refinanzierung
  • Deputy for the project “Betrieb + Fertigstellung IPS-Strahlrohre”


Previous positions:

  • 1 January 2013 - 31 December 2014: Postdoctoral at KIT.
  • 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2012: PhD at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology) and at University of Freiburg. The title of the thesis is “Single Crystals for direct and indirect detectors”. The research activity is concentrated on the characterization and application of LSO:Tb single crystals for indirect detectors and of CdTe semiconductors for Medipix direct detection systems. The supervisors of the PhD are Prof. Dr M. Fiederle and Prof. Dr T. Baumbach.
  • 1 January 2007 - 31 December 2009: Employment at ISS (Institut für Synchrotronstrahlung) at FZK (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe). The scientific research was carried out in the frame of 2 projects concerning the development of new generation of direct and indirect 2D X-ray detectors at the ANKA synchrotron. The European SCINTAX project was coordinated by ANKA and it aimed at developing a digital X-ray detector with novel LSO based scintillators which radically improved the spatial resolution of the X-ray detection methods at synchrotron facilities. ANKA was also participating to the EDAS project coordinated by the University of Freiburg. That project was focused on the design and the evaluation of high-Z semiconductor GaAs pixel array detectors to extend the applicability of the photon counter pixel array detectors from 25 keV to 100 keV.
  • 4 October 2004 - 31 December 2006: 3 year contract in the Division “Technological Services” (Section Irradiation Technologies and Processes) of the Research Centre ENEA-Casaccia. The scientific activity was related to the characterization of materials exposed to γ radiation.
  • 3 September 2001 - 2 September 2004: 3 year research contract in the Division “Technological Services” (Section Irradiation Technologies and Processes) of the Research Centre ENEA-Casaccia.
  • November 2000 - June 2001: Teaching of Mathematics & Sciences in the Secondary Schools.
  • June 1998 - June 2000: 2 year fellowship at INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) entitled “Characterisation of heavy scintillators used for High Energy Physics experiments” (tutor INFN: Dr S. Baccaro, ENEA/FIS/ION). The experimental activity was developed at the Laboratories of the 60Co radioisotope source “Calliope” (FIS/ION, Research Centre ENEA-Casaccia) in two phases. The 1st part of the activity was devoted to the optimisation of the optical, scintillation and radiation hardness properties of Lead Tungstate crystal, through crystal doping procedure with trivalent and pentavalent ions (La3+, Gd3+, Y3+ and Nb5+). The 2nd part of the fellowship concerned the study of new kind of scintillators based on phosphate and silicate glassy matrices and suitable for low energy physics experiments. Those glassy matrices were optically activated with Ce3+-Gd3+ and Tb3+-Gd3+ and an sensitisation mechanism was developed in phosphate glassy matrix through Ce3+-Gd3+ codoping.

Field of research:

  •  X-ray imaging, Synchrotron beamline instrumentation, indirect and direct converting detectors

Annual Reports and Annual Highlights (co-editor):

  • Contributions to the ANKA Annual Reports since 2010

Contributions to Monographs:

  • Angelica Cecilia “Single Crystals for direct and indirect detectors”, Dissertation, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, 2012


  •  12 December 2012, PhD (Dr. rer. nat), University of Freiburg with the Note Magna cum Laude.
  • March 1999: Attendance to the INFN School “IX Days of Study on Detectors”, held at Villa Gualino (Turin, Italy).
  • September 1998: Attendance to the INFN School “XI National Seminary of Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics”, held at Otranto (Lecce, Italy).
  • Academic Year 1997/98: Attendance to the “Course of Improvement in Physics”, held at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
  • June 1997 and November 1997: Scientific training at CERN (Geneva) under the supervision of Dr P. Lecoq and of Dr C. D’Ambrosio. The activity was concentrated on the effect of ionising radiation on PbWO4 crystal optical transmission and light production properties.
  • November 1996 - June 1998: Carrying out of scientific post-lauream activity at the Physics Department of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in the frame of the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment.
  • Master Degree of Physics obtained on October 25 (1996) with the mark 110/110 at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” with a Thesis entitled "Radiation damage of Lead Tungstate crystals used for the detection of electromagnetic showers" (Prof. R. Santonico and Dr S. Baccaro). The experimental work was developed at the “Calliope” 60Co radioisototope source and at the nuclear reactors “Tapiro” and “Triga” (Research Centre ENEA-Casaccia)

Scientific Publications:

Publications 2019
R. Surmenev, S. N. Shkarina, D. S. Syromotina, E. V. Melnik, R. Shkarin, I. I. Selezneva, A. M. Ermakov, S. I. Ivlev, A. Cecilia, V. Weinhardt, T. Baumbach, T. Rijavec, A. Lapanje, M. V. Chaikina,      M. A. Surmeneva, accepted to be published in January 2019 on European Polymer Journal.

Publications 2018

A. Ivanova, D. S. Syromotina, S. N. Shkarina, R. Shkarin, A. Cecilia, V. Weinhardt, T. Baumbach, M. S. Saveleva, D. A. Gorin, T. E. L. Douglas, B. V. Parakhonskiy, A. G. Skirtach, P. Cools, N. De Geyter, R. Morent, C. Oehr, M. A. Surmeneva, R. Surmenev, Royal Society of Chemistry Advances 8 (2018) 39106.

Publications 2017

A. Cecilia, A. Baecker, E. Hamann, A. Rack, T. van de Kamp, F.J. Gruhl, R. Hofmann, J. Moosmann, S. Hahn, J. Kashef, S. Bauer, T. Farago, L. Helfen, T. Baumbach, Optimizing structural and mechanical properties of cryogel scaffolds for use in prostate cancer cell culturing, Accepted Manuscript on Materials Science and Engineering: C, Volume 71, 1 February 2017, Pages 465-472.

Publications 2016

S. Casalbuoni, A. Cecilia, S. Gerstl, N. Glamann, A. W. Grau, T. Holubek, C. Meuter, D. Saez de Jauregui, R. Voutta, C. Boffo, Th. Gerhard, M. Turenne, and W. Walter, Characterization and long term operation of a novel superconducting undulator with 15 mm period length in a synchrotron light source, Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 19, 110702 (2016).

S. Casalbuoni, A. Cecilia, S. Gerstl, N. Glamann, A. W. Grau, T. Holubek, C. Meuter, D. Saez de Jauregui, R. Voutta, C. Boffo, Th. Gerhard, M. Turenne, and W. Walter, Overview of the superconducting undulator development program at ANKA, AIP Conference Proceedings 1741, 020002 (2016); doi: 10.1063/1.4952781.

C. Boffo, Th. Gerhard, M. Turenne,W. Walter, S. Casalbuoni, A. Cecilia, S. Gerstl, A. Grau, T. Holubek, C. Meuter, D. Saez de Jauregui, and R. Voutta, Performance of SCU15: The New Conduction-Cooled Superconducting Undulator for ANKA, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, VOL. 26, NO. 4, JUNE 2016.

S. Hrivnak, J. Ulicny, L. Mikes, A. Cecilia, E. Hamann, T. Baumbach, L. Sveda, Z., D. Korytar, E. Gimenez-Navarro, U. Wagner, C. Rau, H. Greven and P. Vagovic, Single-distance phase retrieval algorithm for Bragg Magnifier Microscope, accepted to be published in in Optics Express on October 24, 2016.

A. Baecker, O. Erhardt, L. Wietbrock, N. Schel, B. Goppert, P. Abaffy, T. Sollich, A. Cecilia, F.J. Gruhl, Silk scaffolds connected with different naturally occurring biomaterials for prostate cancer cell cultivation in 3D Biopolymers, Accepted manuscript online: 1 October 2016.

V. E. Asadchikov, A. V. Butashin, A. V. Buzmakov, A. N. Deryabin, V. M. Kanevsky, I. A. Prokhorov, B. S. Roshchin, Y. O. Volkov, D. A. Zolotov, A. Jafari, P. Alexeev, A. Cecilia, T. Baumbach, D. Bessas, A. N. Danilewsky, I. Sergueev, H.-C. Wille, and R. P. Hermann, Single-crystal sapphire microstructure for high-resolution synchrotron X-ray monochromators, Cryst. Res. Technol. 51, No. 4, 290-298 (2016) / DOI 10.1002/crat.201500343.

Bettina Göppert, Thomas Sollich, Paul Abaffy, Angelica Cecilia, Jan Heckmann, Antje Neeb, Anne Bäcker, Tilo Baumbach, Friederike J. Gruhl, and Andrew C. B. Cato: Superporous Poly(ethylene glycol) Diacrylate Cryogel with a Defined Elastic Modulus for Prostate Cancer Cell Research. Small, 2016. DOI: 10.1002/smll.201600683. Press Release 094/2016. Top Story for Cancer Research: Publication on Three-Dimensional Prostate Model Honored by “Prostate Cell News”.

E Nichelatti, F Bonfigli, MA Vincenti, A Cecilia, P Vagovič, T Baumbach, RM Montereali, Broadband X-ray edge-enhancement imaging of a boron fibre on lithium fluoride thin film detector, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol. 833, 68-76.

Publications 2015

Vagovic, P.,Korytar, D.,Cecilia, A.,Hamann, E.,Baumbach, T.,Pelliccia, D. (2015). Laboratory-based multi-modal X-ray microscopy and micro-CT with Bragg magnifiers In: Optics Express, 23, 1 - 10