2D, 3D and 4D X-ray imaging for hierarchical and correlated Imaging of model organism, organ-, tissue,- and cell imaging applications

X-REGIO forms an interdisciplinary consortium of Russian and German research institutions bringing together developers of X-ray techniques (X-ray imaging, computation, and imaging analysis) and research groups with strong interest in systematic use of the methodical ensemble, in particular for 3D multi scale imaging of tissues and cells in scaffolds and model organisms for the application fields of

  • Regenerative biology
  • Functional Genomics
  • Nanotoxicology

All these applications face similar challenges so that they all demand for the development of hierarchical imaging.

The medaka intestinal tract shows morphological and functional homology to the mammals. (A) 3D image of an adult medaka taken by x-ray microCT. Anatomical landmarks of the gut are highlighted. Data were used for (B) reconstruction of the lumen of the buccal cavity. (C) esophagus, B, C rostral to caudal perspective). (D) midgut; anterior: left with densely packed folds; posterior: right with elongated folds. (E) posterior gut; anterior: left; posterior: right. (F-I) H&E stained transverse sections of adult gut along rostro-caudal axis. Histology of intestinal folds in each segment in (FI) is shown in (J-M). Morphology of the folds varies along the rostro-caudal axis. Identification, visualization and clonal analysis of intestinal stem cells in fish. From: Aghaallaei, N.; Gruhl, F.; Schaefer, C. Q.; Wernet, T.; Weinhardt, V.; Centanin, L.; Loosli, F.; Baumbach, T.; Wittbrodt, J., 2016. Development <Cambridge>, 143 (19), 3470–3480. doi:10.1242/dev.134098

X-REGIO is geared towards multi-scale X-ray imaging from small complete animal scanning, e.g. of Zebra fish series 10μm resolution by phase contrast techniques (such as grating interferometry and analyzer-based imaging), single-distance holographic phase tomography and laminography, as well as sub-micron scanning of region of interests (ROIs). New hard full-field X-ray microscopic methods will push the limits of spatial resolution available at ANKA down to a few ten nanometres.

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