10th PCaPAC conference hosted by ANKA

  • Date: 2014

From October 14-17, the ANKA Synchrotron Radiation Facility hosted the 10th International Workshop on Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls (PCaPAC), which focuses on the application of emerging technologies such as mobile user interfaces, DSPs, FPGAs, data acquisition systems, cloud computing, software management and databases.

Participants of the PCaPAC 2014

PCAPAC talk ANKA  PCAPAC posterseeion ANKA

Talks in the "Weinbrenner Saal" and postersession at the Convention Center Karlsruhe

PCaPAC was established in 1996 when a small group of scientists had the vision that low-cost personal computers would be the future to control large scale facilities. They organized the first PCaPAC at DESY with 70 participants. In 2014 for the 10th such meeting, the PCaPAC 2014 Organizing Committee and Chair Dr. Wolfgang Mexner, welcomed 125 participants form 18 different countries in the centrally located Convention Center Karlsruhe.
During four well organized days the participants had the possibility to take part in seven different tutorial sessions on topics such as Tango, noSQL databases, Software Management and the Web2c Toolkit.
Recognized experts in their field gave comprehensive insights into topics as control systems, user interfaces and data display, hardware technologies, modern data acquisition, management software and databases.
During the poster session the participants had the possibility to discuss recent developments and scientific results.
All in all, the tutorials, workshops and sessions were well-attended, and the presentations inspired valuable discussion among the participants.  Further information about PCaPAC can be found at www.pcapac2014.kit.edu.