Institute for Photon Science and Synchrotron Radiation

Dr. Bärbel Krause

Dr. Bärbel Krause

Current position:
  • Lab responsible for the UHV Analysis Lab
  • Head of the Research Project Sputtering Deposition
Previous positions:
  • Scientist at the Carl Zeiss SMT AG (EUV Development)
  • Postdoc at the beamline ID01, ESRF
  • Scientific assistant at the Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung, Stuttgart
Field of research:
  • In situ X-ray studies during thin film and nanostructure formation
  • UHV surface analysis
  • Structure formation during sputter deposition
  • Transition-metal silicides, nitrides, and carbides
Scientific Publications:


M. Hämig, T. Baby, S. Garlapati, B. Krause, H. Hahn, S. Dasgupta, L. Weinhardt, C. Heske

Chemical Structure of Room-Temperature-Processed Indium Oxide Nanoparticulate Thin Films for Printed Electronics, Applied Surface Science  396 (2017)  912-919


Bärbel Krause, Gregory Abadias, Anny Michel, Peter Wochne, Shyjumon Ibrahimkutt, and Tilo Baumbach

"Direct Observation of the Thickness-Induced Crystallization and Stress Build-Up during Sputter-Deposition of Nanoscale Silicide Films", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, 8 (50), pp 34888–34895

A. Seiler, S. Ibrahimkutty, P. Wochner, R. Pradip, O Waller, B. Krause, A. Plech, T. Baumbach, M. Fiederle, S. Stankov

Thermal Stability Studies of DySi2 Nanowires and Nanoislands by in Situ GISAXS

J. Phys. Chem. C 2016, 120, 7365−7372


M. Kaufholz, B. Krause, S. Kotapati, M. Köhl, M.F. Mantilla, M. Stüber, S. Ulrich, R. Schneider, D. Gerthsen and T. Baumbach

Monitoring the thin film formation during sputter deposition of vanadium carbide

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2015). 22, 76–85

B. Krause, M. Kaufholz, S. Kotapati, R. Schneider, E.Müller, D. Gerthsen, P.Wochner, T. Baumbach

Angle-resolved X-ray reflectivity measurements during off-normal sputter deposition of VN

Surface & Coatings Technology 277 (2015) 52–57


B. Krause, B. Miljevic, T. Aschenbrenner, E. Piskorska-Hommel, C. Tessarek, M. Barchuk, G. Buth, R. Donfeu Tchana, S. Figge, J. Gutowski, D. Hänschke, J. Kalden, T. Laurus, S. Lazarev, R. Magalhaes-Paniago, K. Sebald, A. Wolska, D. Hommel, J. Falta, V. Holý, T. Baumbach

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Investigation of the luminescence, crystallographic and spatial resolution properties of LSO:Tb scintillating layers used for X-ray imaging applications

Radiation Measurements 62 (2014) 28-34

O. Bauder, A. Seiler, S. Ibrahimkutty, D.G. Merkel B. Krause, R. Rüffer, T. Baumbach, S. Stankov

Temperature dependent epitaxial growth regimes of europium on the oxygen-induced c(6×2) reconstructed (110)Nb surface

Journal of Crystal Growth 400 ( 2014) 61–66


B. Krause, S. Darma, M. Kaufholz, S. Mangold, S. Doyle, S. Ulrich, H. Leiste, M. Stüber and T. Baumbach

Composition-dependent structure of polycrystalline magnetron-sputtered V-Al-C-N hard coatings studied by XRD, XPS, XANES and EXAFS

J. Appl. Cryst. 46, 1064 - 1075 (2013)


B. Krause, S. Darma, M. Kaufholz, H. Gräfe, S. Ulrich, M. Mantilla, R. Weigel, S. Rembold,  and T. Baumbach

Modular deposition chamber for in situ X-ray experiments during RF and DC magnetron sputtering

 J. Synchrotron Rad. 19 (2012) 216

D. Saez de Jauregui, T. Baumbach, S. Casalbuoni, A. Grau, S. Gerstl, M. Hagelstein, C. Heske, T. Holubek, B. Krause, A. Seiler, S. Stankov, L. Weinhardt, C. Boffo, C. Antoine, Y. Boudigou

Characterization of vacuum chamber samples for superconducting insertion devices

Conference proceedings of the IPAC12

T. Marszalek, A. Nosal, R. Pfattner, J. Jung, J, S. Kotarba, M. Mas-Torrent, B. Krause, J. Veciana,M. Gazicki-Lipman, C. Crickert, G. Schmidt, C. Rovira, J. Ulanski

Role of geometry, substrate and atmosphere on performance of OFETs based on TTF derivatives

ORGANIC ELECTRONICS 13 (1) 121-128 (2012)


M. Barchuk, V. Holy, B. Miljevic, B. Krause, T. Baumbach

Grazing-incidence x-ray diffraction from GaN epitaxial layers with threading dislocations

APL 98(2) 021912 (2011)


M. Barchuk, V. Holý, B. Miljević, B. Krause, T. Baumbach, J. Hertkorn and F.Scholz

X-ray diffuse scattering from threading dislocations in epitaxial GaN layers

J. Appl. Phys. 108  (4) 043521 (2010)


A. Malachias, C. Deneke, B. Krause, C. Mocuta, S. Kiravittaya, T. H. Metzger, O. G. Schmidt

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Physical Review B 79 (3), Art. No. 035301


C. Reich, M. R. Horton, B. Krause, A. P. Gast, J. O. Rädler, B. Nickel

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D. Hommel

Diffraction anomalous fine structure investigation of InGaN quantum dots

Physica Status Solidi C - Current Topics in Solid State Physics, Vol 3, No 6 

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B. Krause

Spontaneous lateral modulation in short-period superlattices investigated by grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction

Physical Review B 72 (3), Art. No. 035313


B. Krause, F. Schreiber, H. Dosch, A. Pimpinelli, O. H. Seeck

Temperature dependence of the 2D-3D transition in the growth of PTCDA on Ag(111): A real-time X-ray and kinetic Monte Carlo study

Europhysics Letters 65 (3), 372-378

B. Krause, A. C. Dürr, F. Schreiber, H. Dosch, O. H. Seeck

Late growth stages and post-growth diffusion in organic epitaxy: PTCDA on Ag(111)

Surface Science 572 (2-3), 385-395


B. Krause, A. C. Dürr, F. Schreiber, H. Dosch, O. H. Seeck

Thermal stability and partial dewetting of crystalline organic thin films: 3,4,9,10-perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydride on Ag(111)

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High structural order in thin films of the organic semiconductor diindenoperylene

Applied Physics Letters 81 (12), 2276-2278

B. Krause, A. C. Dürr, K. Ritley, F. Schreiber, H. Dosch, D. Smilgies

Structure and growth morphology of an archetypal system for organic epitaxy: PTCDA on Ag(111)

Physical Review B 66 (23), Art. No. 235404


K. A. Ritley, B. Krause, F. Schreiber, H. Dosch

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Review of Scientific Instruments 72 (2), 1453-1457

B. Krause, A. C. Dürr, K. A. Ritley, F. Schreiber, H. Dosch, D. Smilgies

On the coexistence of different polymorphs in organic epitaxy: alpha and beta phase of PTCDA on Ag(111)

Applied Surface Science 175, 332-336


B. Krause, K. Theis-Bröhl

Surface morphology and structure of epitaxial yttrium on niobium buffer layers with different orientations

Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter 12 (22), 4675-4686