Sagar Bisoyi Privat

Sagar Bisoyi

Sagar Bisoyi

Current position
Doctoral Researcher at LAS – Scattering, IPS
Previous positions
  • Research Fellow at KIIT & IOP BBSR, India (DST-SERB CRG Project)
  • Postgraduate Researcher at R&D, Lovely Professional University, India (Organic Solar Cell Project)
  • Master’s Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Scientific Assistant at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India
  • Indian Academy of Sciences Undergraduate Research Fellow


Field of research
Nanowires, Thin films, 2D Materials, MXene, Thermoelectric Device, PMBE, In-situ Scattering & Spectroscopy Synchrotron Radiation, SEM, Raman Spectroscopy.


Scholastic Achievements / Awards and Fellowships

  1. Qualified Subject & Knowledge Entrance Test: GRE (Subject & General Test), GATE, JEST, CSIR NET, IIT JAM, NGPE, JEE Main
  2. Qualified in Physics & Mathematics Olympiad
  3. Selected Research Internship Programs: ICTS-TIFR, IITG, IITB, CeNSE, IAESTE, Globalink, CERN-SSP



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  2. Sharma, A., Kapse, S., Verma, A., Bisoyi, S., Pradhan, G. K., Thapa, R., & Rout, C. S. (2022). All-solid-state supercapacitor based on advanced 2D vanadium disulfide/black phosphorus hybrids for wearable electronics. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 5(8), 10315-10327.
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  5. Das, S., Priyadarshini, P., Senapati, S., Bisoyi, S., Samal, S. K., & Naik, R. (2023). Templet-free one-pot synthesis of Bi-doped ZnTe nanoflowers by cation exchange method for optoelectronic applications and antibacterial activity. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 170999.
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